Release Process#

This document describes the current release process. It may or may not change in the future.


Each week on Monday if there was a commit since the last release create a new release. The version number of this release is in pyproject.toml.

To make a release the following things need to happen:

  1. Update the changelog.rst section header Unreleased to contain the version number and date for the release you are building. Create a pull request with the change.

  2. Tag the release commit with the version number as soon as the PR is merged: git tag v0.12.3, then git push --tags

  3. Build the release with ./dev/, then publish it with ./dev/

  4. Create an entry in GitHub releases with the release notes for the previously tagged commit and attach the build artifacts (.whl and .tar.gz).

After the release#

Create a pull request which contains the following changes:

  1. Increase the minor version in pyproject.toml by one.

  2. Update all files which contain the current version number if necessary.

  3. Add a new Unreleased section in changelog.rst.

Merge the pull request on the same day (i.e., before a new nighly release gets published to PyPI).