Secure Aggregation with Driver API#

This example contains highly experimental code. Please consult the regular PyTorch code examples (quickstart, advanced) to learn how to use Flower with PyTorch.

Installing Dependencies#

Project dependencies (such as and flwr) are defined in pyproject.toml. We recommend Poetry to install those dependencies and manage your virtual environment (Poetry installation), but feel free to use a different way of installing dependencies and managing virtual environments if you have other preferences.


poetry install
poetry shell

Poetry will install all your dependencies in a newly created virtual environment. To verify that everything works correctly you can run the following command:

poetry run python3 -c "import flwr"


Write the command below in your terminal to install the dependencies according to the configuration file requirements.txt.

pip install -r requirements.txt

If you don’t see any errors you’re good to go!

Run with Driver API#