Summit 2023

The Flower community comes together at the third Flower Summit on May 30 and May 31 2023. Watch experts in the field of federated learning and find out how Flower accelerates the development of systems in both research and production.

Explore the two-day schedule

Research day (30 May 2023)

Time (UK)SpeakerTalkAffiliation
TutorialsOnline only
10:00Charles BeauvilleWhat is Federated Learning? Getting Started with FlowerFlower
10:45Charles BeauvilleCommon Beginner QuestionsFlower
Start Research Day
13:00Nicholas LaneWelcome to Flower Summit 2023Flower
13:15Daniel J. BeutelFlower Research UpdateFlower
13:30Tian LiOpen Problems of Learning in Federated SettingsCMU
14:20Nicholas LaneFlower Announcement: LLMs for FlowerFlower
14:35Francesco PaseFedPM: Sparse Random Networks for Communication-Efficient Federated LearningUniversity of Padova
14:50Stefanos LaskaridisFedorAS: Federated Architecture Search under system heterogeneityBrave
15:05Yuandou Wang, Zahra TabatabaeiFederated Content-Based Medical Image RetrievalUVA, Tryris Software
16:00Nicholas LaneFlower Announcement: Next Gen Secure Aggregation for FlowerFlower
16:15Dave BuckleyLessons learned from running a privacy tech challengeCentre for Data Ethics and Innovation
16:35Sasi MurakondaPrivacy-preserving federated analytics for financial crime detectionPrivitar/ UCL
16:55Leandro Collier, Xavier LessageSecure federated learning applied to medical imaging with fully homomorphic encryptionCETIC
17:30Titouan ParcolletFederated Self-Supervised Speech Technologies: Opportunities and ChallengesSpeechBrain
18:00Dennis GrinwaldEnabling privacy-aware and carbon-aware machine learning, using FlowerTechnical University of Berlin & BIFOLD
18:15Elijah ben IzzyHamilton: A Novel Paradigm for Feature Engineering in Python (and how it is a natural companion to federated learning!)DAGWorks,Inc
18:30Javier FernandezResearchers Love These Tricks [Tutorial, Hybrid]Flower
18:45Nicholas LaneEnd day 1Flower
19:30Flower CommunityAfter-Hours Reception

Industry day (31 May 2023)

Time (UK)SpeakerTalkAffiliation
TutorialsIn-Person only (Seminar Room FW26)
10:00Daniel Nata NugrahaFederating iOSFlower
10:30Adam NarożniakFlower Hands-on TutorialFlower
Start Industry Day
13:00Nicholas Lane Welcome to Flower Summit 2023Flower
13:10Daniel J. BeutelFlower Industry UpdateFlower
13:25Katherine JarmulDeploying Distributed Learning: Real-World Challenges and Opportunities from the Fieldthoughtworks
14:20Nicholas Lane Announcement: DandelionFlower
14:25Stefanos Laskaridis, Lorenzo MintoDandelion: Privacy-Preserving Cross-Device FL in Brave BrowserBrave
14:40Xunzheng ZhangFederated Feature Selection for Horizontal Federated Learning in IoT Networks University of Bristol
14:55Anne Mareike Schlinkert, Leonhard KunczikFederated Learning meets the shop floor in Siemens PCB production facilitiesKatulu
15:15Robert NorvillFLAME (Federated Learning for Anti-Money Laundering Enhancement) preventing International Financial CrimeBanking Circle
16:05Nicholas Lane Tool support aims of FlowerFlower
16:15Ryan McConvilleFederated Learning with Weights & BiasesWeights & Biases
16:30SeMo Yang, KangYoon LeeFedOps: Federated Learning Lifecycle Operations ManagementGachon University
16:45Patrick FoleyFederated Learning Standards: A collaborative approach to improving research reproducibility and building an interoperable futureIntel
17:35Dr. Sven TrieflingerNettle - Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning based on Flower and Carbyne StackRobert Bosch GmbH
17:50Michał DaniłowskiLarge-scale distributed deployments of federated learning using OpenStackSano
18:05Juan Marcelo Parra UllauriDesigning a Privacy-Preserving Kubernetes Operator for Federated LearningUniversity of Bristol
18:20Chancellor JohnstoneExploration of Federated Learning in the United States Air Force with FlowerUnited States Air Force
18:35Charles BeauvilleIndustry Proof-of-Concept FL in 10 mins [Tutorial, Hybrid]Flower
18:50Nicholas Lane End day 2Flower

Federating iOS

Federating iOS

Tutorial, In-Person only. Seminar Room FW26.

Flower Hands-on Tutorial

Flower Hands-On Tutorial

Tutorial, In-Person only. Seminar Room FW26


How to attend Flower Summit 2023 in-person


University of Cambridge
William Gates Building
Lecture Theatre 2 (LT2)


30 May 2023 (research day) 1.00pm - 8.00pm (UK time)

31 May 2023 (industry day) 1.00pm - 8.00pm (UK time)

Travel Recommendation:

  • 🚆 Train from St Pancras International/King’s Cross to Cambridge
  • ✈️ Plane + 🚗 Car/Bus/Train
    from Stansted Airport ~ 40 minutes drive
    from LHR ~ 2.5 hours drive

    🅿️ There is very limited parking nearby; please try to arrive by public transportation or park at Madingley Road Park and Ride.


Check for available options here: Visit Cambridge